This Moment

Have you ever had a moment? That moment when you realize that your power truly is divine. That moment when you decide that you are going to fly, and there’s no turning back. That moment when the veil has been lifted, and everything is ever clear. That moment where, suddenly, insecurities float away and you fall in love with what you see in the mirror. That moment where you don’t even realize that you’re grinning ear to ear, or that you’re dancing with no music playing… I just had a moment. One of those beautifully serene, tingly, heart fluttering moments where I feel anything is possible. I no longer choose to be bound by circumstance or rules. I no longer long to fit in, look “good”, or appease. And tomorrow? It’s whatever I choose it to be.

If you’re wondering where all of this is coming from… Today, I came to realize that I was limiting myself in order to cater to someone else’s dream. I’ve molded myself into someone that they wanted to see. So, I’m slowly stripping off the identity that wasn’t created by me. It is a process that will take longer than a moment (pun intended), but it will be well worth it, and I’m looking forward to walking around completely bare.

We often spend so much time wrapped up in someone else’s dream, someone else’s vision of “right”, and their version of perfection. Sometimes we forget that we are perfectly imperfect beings who don’t need to fit in. Or, possibly, there is something deep down telling you that what they want you to be isn’t necessarily what you were made for. Maybe we are afraid to go against the grain. Maybe we’re afraid of the power that we truly hold, and we find comfort in simply blending in. Just, maybe.

But, have you ever imagined a life that wasn’t prompted by fear? What would you do if you were fearless of being judged? What if you were fearless of being “too much”, fearless of losing someone, and fearless of not being good enough? What about being afraid of something, but choosing not to give it any power over you? To think of fully empowered and spiritually nourished people walking with courage makes my heart skip a beat.

There will come a time where you have to ask yourself, “Do I want to live in mediocrity, or do I want to lead an extraordinary life?” Your answer will determine what you do next. If you choose to have an extraordinary life (and I hope you do), you might have to unlearn habits, thoughts, and actions. You will begin investigating your desires and begin taking a stand for them. Now, this may take some practice, and it may not come over night, but when you CHOOSE to forever be powerfully YOU, the universe will shift in your favor. It will get easier, and you will be a force to be reckoned with.

So, I hereby challenge you to walk in your power. I challenge you to fall in love with every inch of your body and every color of your personality. I challenge you to live moment to moment. I challenge you to put yourself first for a change (yeah, you). I challenge you to do something you’re afraid of. I challenge you to live with intention. I challenge you to be YOU.

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