You Got Me F*cked Up

I am not her
And I mean that in the most inclusive sense
But, I am not her

My meals are love letters
For you to taste the heart
That’s marinated in your adoration
I want to unlock your mind
And unload your heaviest thoughts
On my knees if you need me
To be the climax of your day
But, please don’t confuse my willful servitude
For patriarchal subjugation
I am not her

I did not break your heart
I do not tell you to man up when you cry
And I will never suffocate your dreams

I am not her

I want to love the deepest parts of you
The parts crawling with despair
I want to fall in love with your darkness
The monsters others run from
I want to get close to it…
Allowing my lips to part
To breathe life into it
Let me dissolve in your ugliness
Just so I can be the beauty in your pain

I am not her

I won’t wait by the phone for you
I will not allow you to casually penetrate my soul through my womb
Nor do you have permission to leave footprints on my back

I am not her

I am Queen
I am melanated honeydew – the sweetest nectar
I am the magic the lives on this earth
I am what thrives
What is eternal
I am all that will ever be
And I am all that you will ever need

But, I am not her.

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